A Little More About Me…

Hi! I’m Mandee!

On this page, I’d like to tell you a little more about myself if that’s okay…

But just before that, let me explain exactly what led me to this point, and why I created this website…

Now, I used to believe that getting an education and a good job was the best path to financial security.  Maybe even for accumulating financial abundance.

And so that’s the path I took…

I started full-time work at age 18, and then studied part-time around that for 11 years, which included business studies and credit management.  And that resulted in me having quite a responsible job as a credit manager.

Well, long story short, I lost that job through redundancy.  And not only that…

That wasn’t the first time I’d been made redundant!

So one thing became very clear to me:

  • Getting an education
  • Carefully planning out your career
  • Working hard (even incredibly hard)

None of those things guarantee that:

  • You’ll generate a good income, or even a predictable income
  • You’ll be able to create an abundant life, and so won’t just spend your entire life “getting by” (or worse)

So yes — the world keeps speeding up.  And there’s certainly no longer a “job for life”.

And these days, there isn’t even a “career for life” any more.  With all the political and economic uncertainty, and the ever-increasing pace of change, there just isn’t that security in the job market any more.

Plus of course — even if you do currently have a great job that seems relatively stable, are you going to be able to keep that job and advance your career, while also spending a lot of time with your family?

Chances are that won’t be an option.

Because mums, in particular, generally have to choose between:

  • Having a good income and rewarding career
  • Really being there for your children, your family, and your friends

So that’s what this website is all about…

Because I’m forever thankful that I found something that works for me.  That truly allows me to:

  • Earn a full time income from home, working part time
  • Work in a very flexible way, so I can truly be there for my family
  • Be challenged with rewarding work, that’s also fun!
  • Work with positive and supportive people, who really see the potential in life

That choice mums typically have to make of “Career or Family?” is something I feel very strongly about, and would like to help mums resolve.  It makes me upset seeing other mums having to sacrifice so much…

Either sacrificing the best years of seeing your children grow up, or sacrificing having a rewarding and lucrative career.

So again, that’s what this website is all about!

It’s to start to present you with other options…

Because it truly is possible to have the best of both worlds.  I’ve seen it happen for myself, and for so many others.  And this website is all about proving that, and sharing that, and helping you create that in your own life.

Okay, so that’s what I believe in, and that’s why I share this message.  So now…

Please allow me to tell you a little bit more about myself and my background…


Starting My Career


As mentioned, I started work early.  By 19 I was acting manager for a branch of Clarks (if you’re not familiar with Clarks – they’re a chain of shops that sell shoes).

So I was driven, and I certainly wasn’t scared of hard work, and I had a passion for bettering myself and my situation.

That passion gave me the motivation to start studying part time, and continue studying for the next 11 years.  Now, it certainly wasn’t easy, as anyone who’s studied around a full-time job can tell you!

So during those 11 years, after the job working for Clarks, I moved onto office work and became an accounts assistant, and that led to working in credit control, which culminated to a job as a credit manager.


How My Sons Changed Everything


Now, allow me to jump back in time a little…

I’d like to talk about how and when the insecurity of being an employee became clear to me.

This initially started to dawn on me the first time I was made redundant.  At that time, I was working in credit control for a telecommunications company, back in around 1997.

The redundancy was actually optional – but – if I wanted to keep my job, I either had to move quite a distance, or commute a loooong way around London every day.  Well, I survived that journey for a year, and then finally thought, “Enough is enough!”.  And took the redundancy.

That led to my next job — a credit supervisor for a construction company.


I got made redundant again.  This time, just after coming back from my honeymoon.

Fantastic, right?

But it took my first son being born for me to really reconsider my priorities, and try to create a balance in my life, rather than perpetually having to sacrifice either work (and income), or time with my children.

And my second son arrived shortly after, and times were certainly tough with only one of us working.  So much so, all four of us moved back in with my mother.

We were actually living there quite a while, and even if I say so myself, I started to become quite settled and complacent, even though it certainly wasn’t a perfect long-term solution!

It was my husband that suggested we should move back into our own place.  And of course, for that to happen I would need to be earning.  So I looked at jobs that were available, and it became clear:

  • I could earn on a part-time basis
  • Or I could earn full-time, and barely see my children

Neither choice was good.

But luckily… in fact, incredibly luckily… I came across an ad.  And that ad led me to finding my mentor.  And her support allowed me to earn a full time income working very part time, within eight months.

I’m forever thankful that I came across that ad (just like you’ve come across this website! 🙂 ).  And I’m also tremendously grateful that my mentor supported me as much as she did.

I must admit — I was certainly suspicious at the start as it all did seem somewhat “too good to be true”.  But I’m glad I gave it a chance.  And now of course I mentor and help other mums create their own successful home-based businesses.  So it’s come full circle!


Making the Transition


Although I found the transition from “employee” to “self-employed” quite smooth, very much helped by my mentor, I definitely found I needed to change my approach to work, and learn quite a few new skills in the process.

I had to learn:

  • How to motivate myself to take action (without a manager looking over my shoulder)
  • How to effectively organise my time and goals, while keeping things realistic
  • How to communicate in a much more informal, yet effective, way.  This meant I had to lose quite a bit of the “corporate speak” that I’d got so used to.  Good riddance!  🙂
  • And I had to learn how to handle rejection — because, when you’re the face of your own business, not everyone will say “Yes” to you.  That’s just a fact of self-employed life.

But — the business I have now, and the business I help people start, is a relaxing and fun way to work.  And again, due to the support I’ve received, it changed absolutely everything for me.


How My Days Now Look


I talk more about my day to day life on this page, but in short — every day is split being being a mum, and being a “tycoon”.  Well, maybe a “tiny tycoon”. 😉

I’m mum until I drop the boys at school.  After that, I manage to include fitness and friends into my day,  Then until I have to pick the boys up, I’m in work mode — which includes admin, meeting clients, talking to prospects…etc.

Then I’m mummy full time until they go to bed, and then in some cases work in the evening, but not always.

So what are the biggest benefits I’ve found from this transition?

As well as the money (which is great!) and developing as a person, it’s the fact that I’m able to be a real presence in the life of my boys.  I’ve really been there for them as they’ve grown… during these wonderful years that only happen once.

Plus of course, I’m also there for my husband, rather than worn out in the evenings, and am able to contribute to the household income substantially.

Now, it may sound somewhat shocking, maybe even unbelievable, but I’ve found the best of all worlds is actually possible.  But…

Don’t imagine I’m a millionaire or anything like that… as if!  But, I make a good income, very part time, with a lot of time to spend on what’s truly important to me.

And let me be completely transparent…

When my business started, I made all of £47 a month.  Wow! 😉

But, I didn’t give up, I kept moving forward (with my mentor’s help), and in less than a year… eight months in fact, I had a full time income coming in, every single month.  And it’s continued to come in every month, for close to 10 years as I write this.

And… I almost missed out on all this, because I’m typically suspicious of such things, especially if it sounds “too good to be true”.

In fact, my friends laughed when they heard I was starting this business.  They know how skeptical I am, so were surprised I was even considering it.

Well, I’m so glad I did.  And I’m able to spend even more time now with all those friends who laughed! 🙂

Well, that’s me in a nutshell…

If my story resonates with you at all… if you’re considering making changes in your life but aren’t sure which direction to take… do feel free to book a free consultation with me.

And if you haven’t already, do make sure you sign up to become a free member of this site, to start your journey of creating abundance in your own life.