A Day In The Life...

Don’t worry — I’m including this picture just for fun… I don’t literally spend all my time at the spa!

That said, I certainly do treat myself from time to time these days.  Because again…

The biggest benefit of having my own business is freedom.

And of course…

I choose to spend most of that time with my family.  But — while my boys are at school, I meet up with friends, go to the gym, visit the spa, and also of course get my work done!

Those few hours to myself are when I can do business admin, meet with prospects, chat with clients…etc.

And then…

When I pick the boys up from school in the afternoon, that all stops and I’m “Mum” again.

Now, once they’re in bed I might work a little in the evening, but that’s relatively rare.

So not only does the business I run (and the business I help others start) allow me a lot of flexibility, but it allows me to “leverage my time”.

So can I ask you…

Are You Making the Most of Every Hour?


You may have noticed I talk about “leveraging my time” quite a bit.  I like to mention it because it’s that important.

And what I mean by “leveraging my time”, is that every hour I spend working is worth far more to me (financially and emotionally) than if I spent that hour in a job.

Because in a job, you’re not able to leverage your time.  You work for an hour, you get paid for an hour.  That’s it.  The best you can hope for is a pay rise, and those only come around occasionally.

Whereas with your own business – if – you approach it the right way, the hourly rate you make can be much higher than if you were in a job.  That’s why the 15 or so hours I work a week, are equivalent to 35 hours I would be spending in a job.

That’s 20 more hours every week I can spend on what is truly important to me!


More Than Just Money


And of course, by earning more while working less, I’ve got a lot more energy because of this, so I’m able to really be there for my family, rather than being worn out in the evenings.

So yes, at the simplest level — more time and financial abundance comes down to how much you make on a per hour basis.  And that’s the beauty of having your own business.  One hour in your own business can be a lot more valuable to you, than an hour spent working for someone else.

Now, allow me to talk a little more about how my days typically look (and how they could look for you, if we choose to work together)…


My Working Day


My morning’s start early of course.  Sometimes it’s a bit of a rush in the morning, getting everyone out the door in time.  But once the boys are at school, the next six hours are mine.

As mentioned, I like to make fitness part of my day.  Plus, I’m often able to meet up with friends, and even treat myself to “Nirvana Spa”. 🙂

But really, those few hours are my work day and I need to make the most of them.  And since I work with a lot of mums, many of us are around during the day, so that’s often who I spend my days with.

Some of these mums are customers of mine.

And some might be mums I’m mentoring.

And of course, this all allows me the flexibility to work around school holidays, family visits, and the other numerous events in the life of a young family!

So let’s say all in all, it comes to three to four hours of very flexible work a day.

And as mentioned, it took eight months of focused effort to build my business to this point.

And once it got to that stage, I actually slowed down so I could focus on my family.  But… my monthly income held steady (for close to 10 years now).  So working less certainly didn’t mean that I earned less.

But now, the boys are a little older, and a little more independent, so I’m refocusing on my business and looking to take it to the next level.  Which is why these days, I have more time available to mentor other mums.

  • So if this lifestyle sounds like it may be a fit for you – and – if you’re not scared of putting in the hard work when you need to, do feel free to book a free consultation with me, so we can get to know each other.
  • And of course, if you haven’t done so yet, please do sign up as a free member of this site.  In the free member area, I share a lot more valuable information with you, and start giving you options to leverage each hour you spend working into more income and more freedom.