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Hi!  May I ask you a question…

How did you arrive at my site?


  • Perhaps you’re visiting this site because I met you when I’m out and about, and handed you my card.
  • Perhaps a friend referred you to this site.
  • Or maybe we’ve been in touch on Facebook.
  • Perhaps you found my details through a leaflet.
  • It could even be we’ve never been in touch at all and you stumbled upon this site completely by chance! 🙂

Why am I asking?

Because whether I know you or not, I really appreciate you coming to my site. And, if you’ve been spending some time reading the site, I do hope you find it interesting, and helpful.


I’d like to give you more value, and if possible start making a positive impact on your life, starting today…

And to help me achieve that, I’ve put together a “free membership” area on this site where I can start giving you even more value, and more ways you can start to build a life of abundance.

By becoming a member… there’s no obligation, no cost, and I’m not going to sell you anything.  Really!

This site is all about giving you value, and helping mums to realise that earning a good living while having a flexible lifestyle is possible.  In fact, there’s more options, flexibility, and abundance in life than you may have realised is possible.


So… Why a “Free Membership”?


Well, all the content I make available to free members, I could just put on the site publicly.


Here’s what I find often happens when people receive an abundance of content all in one go…

It’s too much to go through, so they do nothing!

And if you never go through what I send you, that doesn’t benefit you at all.  Of course!

That’s why, to really help you benefit from this site, I find it’s much more helpful to “drip feed” content.  In other words, rather than getting it all in one go, and basically being overwhelmed by it all, I’ll send it to you piece by piece over the next couple of months.


How to Become a Member Today…


All it takes is entering your name and email below…

And you get instant access to a private page where I start to share with you some resources and know-how that can help you create a life of abundance.

I will also send you very helpful emails a couple of times a week, over the next couple of months.  I guarantee you’ll find these emails hugely valuable.

By the way, if you don’t find these emails helpful or interesting (I’d be shocked if that’s the case! 🙂 ), you can take yourself off the list at any time and you’ll never receive another email from me again!

But if you enjoy what you receive, I’ll keep in regular contact with very helpful emails, and they will help “nudge” you towards taking the next step in growing your hourly income, having more free time, and even completely transforming your life!


What You Get Access To…


Membership is broken down into two parts:

  • What you get access to immediately
  • What I send you by email over the next couple of months (a couple of emails a week, generally)

So, here’s what you get instant access to:

  1. A list of 10 freelance skills that pay a high (even very high) hourly wage, and a list of sites that teach you these skills.
  2. A list of 10 ways almost anyone can use to make some extra money from home, and a list of sites to help you get started.

You’ll find that’s more than enough to get you started! 🙂

Plus… you’ll get a huge amount more in the emails I’ll send you over the next couple of months.


Why am I Giving This All Away For Free?


Great question! 😉

Reason 1 — I want to help you and provide real value.  Genuinely.

Reason 2 — On a limited basis I work with other mums as a mentor.  But since you probably don’t know me, I feel this free membership is a great way for us to start to build a relationship, before we ever speak!

So I provide you with high-quality and valuable tools and content.

And then you may think to yourself, “This is great!  I’m starting to like Mandee!   Let me find out more about her, and perhaps book a free consulting session with her…”

In short — I’m giving, to receive.  Which is really what business is all about.

So whether we end up speaking at some point, or not… there’s no strings attached.  I just want to give you value, and then you can choose which next step is right for you.

So, without further ado… please enter your details below now so you can get instant access…

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  • A list of 10 freelance skills that pay a high (even very high) hourly wage, and a list of sites that teach you these skills.
  • And a list of 10 ways almost anyone can use to make some extra money from home, and a list of sites to help you get started.