Giving Back

The freedom having your own business can create allows you to spend more of your time doing what’s truly important to you.

That may well be spending time with your family and your friends, but… this freedom opens up so many other doors and opportunities for you too…

In my case, it’s allowed me the time and energy to give back more than I’ve ever been able to in the past.

Consider this:

When you’re working 35 hours a week, and worn out in the evenings — especially if you have children to look after too — how much time and energy do you have left to give?

But when your days start to open up, when you start finding you have more energy throughout your days (because you’re spending your time doing what you’re truly passionate about), your ability to give back grows too.


Supporting Mums With Young Children


Now, I haven’t talked about this yet as this is something very close to my heart, but I feel it’s important to talk through here…

After my first son was born, I suffered from post natal depression for months.  It really affected my self worth, and it took me a long while to find my balance again.  Support from friends and family is really what helped me through this.

And that’s why I feel very strongly about helping other mums who may find themselves in similar circumstances.

So for a year and a half I volunteered at a charity called Home Start which provides support for mums with young children.  And sometimes all it can take to make a real difference in someone’s life, is a conversation, and really listening.

As well as Home Start, every year now, as a family we make a point of taking part in fund-raising events.  I find this wonderful not only for helping make a positive difference, but I feel it also helps give my sons strong values from an early age.

Here are some of the events my sons have taken part in:

  • My son at the age of 5 took part in and completed a five-mile walk.  This was to help raise money for children in Africa.
  • My other son, at age 8, took part in the Big Sleep Out.  This, as the name implies, was where we slept outside for the night, to help raise awareness of homelessness, and money for that cause.

And as well as Home Start, I’ve made a point to regularly take part in other charity events, including giving talks to women’s groups, volunteering at my local library…  But these days in particular, I focus on giving my time to inspire children.  This has included:

  • Speaking at my son’s school, and also other schools.
  • Recently, I’ve been involved with a charity that coaches children to help them build their confidence, self-esteem, and other skills.

And as a family, we’ve had the opportunity to take part in the Rise Against Hunger challenge.

And in the picture above I took part in the Reading half marathon raising money for the Stroke Association.  I must say… this was certainly a challenge, but a most satisfying one!  The lead up to the marathon, and the race itself, really tested the time management, discipline, and mindset skills I’d had to develop when building my business.

Thank you for allowing me to talk through something very close to my heart.

And I feel blessed I have had the time the last few years to give back.  And this freedom is the reason for this website, so I can if possible help others create more freedom and abundance in their lives too.