How & Why I Mentor

I certainly understand if you’re thinking to yourself…

“Mandee is busy with her business and her family.  Why would she mentor me, and how would she have the time?”

That’s a great question!  😉

I am certainly busy, just as you are – but – on a limited basis I mentor others to help you create your own successful home-based business.

(Now, even though I certainly do mention that I tend to work with mums, even if you’re not a mum, we may still be a fit, so please do read on…)


Let me be 100% honest…


My success only came about because I was mentored.

There’s no way I would have been able to figure everything out to create a successful, profitable business, without a LOT of good advice.

Because the simple fact is — most businesses fail.

And without someone who’s “been there and done that” looking out for you, I’m sad to say it’s more than likely your business will fail too.

So yes, I was mentored.

And then with some hard work it allowed me to create a full time income within eight months.   And that income has held steady for close to ten years, while allowing me to work very part time.


So why would I mentor you?


First of all allow me to clarify why I’m happy to mentor you, even though we don’t know each other (yet!)…

Simple — Because if your business succeeds with my help, I receive an income stream from your business, for the life of your business, whether that’s 20 days, or 20 years!

“How does that work?” you’re perhaps asking yourself.

Here’s how…

I work with a company called Forever Living Products.

This business was founded in 1974, is established in more than 150 counties, and has more than 2.8 billion (with a B!) in sales every year.  Plus, it’s the only company in our industry in the UK, to have the Investor in People Gold accreditation.

And this business runs on “team marketing”.  Which means, rather than paying hundreds of millions on marketing, sales and advertising every year, all that money goes to business owners like me who work with the company.  And perhaps soon, like you.

So effectively, you work alongside a 2.8 billion dollar company.

And as a business owner, you can only bring other people into the business if you promise to be a “mentor for life” to that person.

Imagine I brought you on board but then didn’t mentor you — chances are your business would fail, I’m sorry to say.  Bad for you.  And bad for me.

BUT — it’s in the culture of this business to fully support its partners.  So that means, as a business owner, it’s my job to fully support anyone I bring into the business.

Again, I would be your “mentor for life”.  Just like the person who brought me into the business is my mentor for life.  So from me, and from the company, you really do get free coaching, mentoring and support for life.

They helped me grow from zero to a full time income within eight months.  I’ll help your business grow too.  However large, or small, your goals.

And so, my mentor continues to receive a percentage of the money that flows through my business.  I benefited (and continue to benefit) from her support, and she benefits as she helped me to create a thriving business.


Sounds good, right? 🙂


Everyone wins, which is truly how business should be.


  • I’m not going to promise you riches…
  • I’m not going to promise it’s going to be easy…
  • I’m not going to pretend you won’t need to work hard (especially at the start)….
  • I’m not going to say you won’t need to learn new skills…

Successful businesses don’t appear out of thin air.  They take effort, and know-how.


  • If you provide the effort.
  • I’ll give you the know-how.

That’s how it works.

Sound good?

If it does, then do feel free to book a free consultation with me here.

And of course… if you haven’t already, please make sure you sign up as a free member here.