Ready to Take the Next Step?

Let me be completely honest…

As a working mum, I have a limited amount of time available.

I want to help you succeed.

I’d love to mentor you.


You’ll need you to meet me halfway.

This means I can’t work with everyone, unfortunately.



If I feel I can’t help you, I’ll do my best to refer you to someone who can.

Now, you don’t have to be a mum, and you don’t have to be a women, for me to work with you!  BUT, I do I find tend to connect the most, and work best with you, if:

  • You’re a mum
  • Who either used to have, or currently has, a professional career
  • You’d like to spend lots of time with your family, while also having a rewarding career (and the income that comes with it)
  • You consider yourself business-minded, and even entrepreneurial.


Here’s how this process works…


Rather than filling in the form on this page “blind” just to find out more, first of all it’s suggested you fully read through this site if you haven’t already.

And so on this page, if you’re ready to proceed, I’ll ask you a few questions about yourself.  If I feel we could potentially work together, I’ll book a time with you so that either we can meet in person, or speak via phone or Skype.

If I don’t feel we’re a fit, as mentioned I’ll do my best to refer you to someone who I feel can help you better.

But if you do come on board, remember:

  • I don’t succeed without you succeeding.
  • I’m literally invested in your success
  • I become your mentor for as long as you want me to be

So if that sounds good and you feel like you might like to take the next step, please take a few minutes to enter your details below:


How would you prefer we talk?